Size Chart

Triangle Tie-on Bandana Sizing

S - Fits necks up to 15"
M - Fits necks up to 19"
L - Fits necks up to 23"

    Choosing the right size:

    Our Bandanas have approximately 3-4 inches more of additional fabric from the neck size, to allow for tying.

    Please always measure your pupper for the best fit. For those of you with fluffier puppers, please keep the extra fluff in mind when measuring your pups neck- you may need to size up a little bit. When in doubt, or if they are in between sizes, I would recommend sizing up. You can easily adjust the bandana height by rolling the top down before tying it on.


    Hair Bow Sizing

    Knot Bow - Small - 3.5" width
    Knot Bow - Large - 5" width.
    Classic Bow - Standard size 3.5" width
    Tie Bow - Small - 3" width

    Tie Bow - Large - 4.5" width


    Bow Ties

    Standard 4" width



    The elastic is roughly 8 inches



    Care Instructions

    For best results handwash only, and lay flat to dry. Gently iron if needed.



    Since each one of our pieces is handmade, they may vary from one to the next. Not only in color and pattern, but slightly in size and shape. This is the nature of handmade items, and why we love them. No two items will be exactly the same.

    Please always monitor your dog while they are wearing any accessories. Safety is priority, and we are not responsible for any misuse of our products.